Dead Ringer Band



Date: 1992
Label: Dead Ringer Band
Comments: 4 song EP, self-produced
One song written by Nash

Date: Nov. 1993
Label: Larrikin LRF-302
1.Road To Nowhere
2.Born In The Country
3.Power In The Land
4.Ashes Of Love
5.Wish You Were Here
6.Too Many Blues In This Room
7.Wild Turkey
8.Red Desert Sky
9.Baby Don't Go
10.Northern Highway
11.Sweetest Gift
12.Last Days On The Road
13.Won't Be Needing You
14.Itchy Twitchy Spot
Comments: Self-produced with Eddie Sikorski

Date: Sept. 95
Label: Massive -- 7310752
1.Home Fires (writer/Darren Coggan)
2.More about Love (writers/D. Lee, B. McDill, B. Jones)
3.Always Be Me (writer/Kasey Chambers)
4.Australian Son (writers/Bill, Diane, Nash & Kasey Chambers)
5.Honky Tonk from Hell (writer/Pat Drummond)
6.I'd Go Home If I Had One (writers/V. Rust, Nash Chambers, Bill Chambers)
7.Why (writers/Jodi Martin, Nash Chambers)
8.Family Man (writers/Nash & Bill Chambers)
9.Burning Flame (writer/Nash Chambers)
10.Just Wanted to See You So Bad (writer/Lucinda Williams)
11.Sin City (writers/Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman)
12.Guitar Talk (writer/Kasey Chambers)
13.Gypsy Bound (writer/Kasey Chambers)
Comments: Produced by Nash & Bill Chambers
A.R.I.A. Award winner, 1996

Date: June '97
Label: Massive -- 7320762
1.Too Confused (writers/Kasey & Bill Chambers)
2.Living in the Circle (writer/R. Porteous)
3.Halfway to Sydney (writers/Kasey, Nash, Bill & Diane Chambers)
4.Things Don't Come Easy (writer/Kasey Chambers)
5.That's What Makes a Broken Heart (writer/Bill Chambers)
6.The Last Generation (writers/Kasey & Nash Chambers)
7.If I Needed You (writer/Townes Van Zandt)
8.Too Many Friends (writers/J. Murphy, D. Rowe)
9.Life's Little Mysteries (writer/N. Chambers)
10.Already Gone (writer/Kasey Chambers)
11.Loop Around Atlanta (writer/V. Rust)
12.No Depression (writer/A. P. Carter)
13.Am I the Only One (writer/M. McKee)
14.Just Like Yesterday (Song for Gram/writer/Kasey Chambers)
Comments: Produced by Nash & Bill Chambers

Date: September/October 98
Label: Massive/Warner Bros
1.Born to Run - Paul Kennerly - Emmylou Harris
2.I Wish It Would Rain - Nanci Griffith
3.Crazy Heart - Fred Rose/Maurice Murray - Hank Williams
4.Hello Hopeville - Michelle Shocked
5.Speed of the Sound of Loneliness - John Prine
6.Return of the Grievous Angel - Gram Parsons/Tom Brown
7.Sometimes She Forgets - Steve Earle - Travis Tritt
8.TB Blues - Jimmie Rodgers
9.White Freightliner Blues - Townes Van Zandt
10.He Thinks I Still Care - Dickey Lee - Anne Murray & George Jones
11.Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight - Rodney Crowell/Donivan Cowart - Oak Ridge Boys
12.When We Talk - Lucinda Williams
Comments: This album is all covers of American songs

Title: Till Now, The Best of Dead Ringer Band
Date: 2000
Label: Massive
1. Am I The Only One (Whos Ever Felt This Way) - M McKee
2. Living in the Circle - R. Porteous
3. Home Fires -Darren Coggan
4. I Wish It Would Rain - Nanci Griffith
5. Australian Son - Bill, Diane, Nash & Kasey Chambers
6. Saddle Boy - S Dusty
7. Halfway to Sydney - Kasey, Nash, Bill & Diane Chambers
8. That's More About Love - D Lee, B McDill, B Jones
9. Already Gone - Kasey Chambers
10. Speed of the Sound of Loneliness - John Prine
11. Power Of The Land - K Chambers
12. Family Man Nash & Bill Chambers
13. Crazy Heart - M Murray, F Rose
14. He Thinks I Still Care - Dickey Lee - Anne Murray & George Jones
15. Road To Nowhere- B Chambers, N Chambers
16. That's What Makes A Broken Heart - B Chambers
17. Hello Hopeville - M Shocked
18. If I Needed You - T Van Zandt


The Dead Ringer Band also released: Australian Son
Home Fires
Gypsy Bound
Already Gone
Am I the Only ONe
and Living In The Circle